newbee, help needed. Every 5-10 minutes connection goes down, and I have to reboot



Every 5-10 minutes comnnection goes down, and I have to reboot
Any ideas?

Before it was not like this, was just once a day or a night. What has

Jack \(MVP-Networking\).

Might help if you would tell us what is the nature of your
Internet/Network/Computers system, and which connection you are talking
Jack (MVP-Networking).


Now that I pay attention to this acronym (MVP-Networking; whatever it
means??) I have some doubts to if I am posting in the right place?

But if I don't, can you, please, tell me where would be the appropriate

I do not know what MVP means , I just have a desktop computer. It runs
Windows XP.
Cox Cable in San Diego provides Internet connection. I have a modem in
the same room .This modem is physically connected to my computer with a
blue piece of cable. I beleive you call it networking cable? It ends in
the thing that liooks almost like a phone cable, but wider. On the
other side modem is connected to a hardwire cable, that service people
from Cox Cable brought to my home.

What is wrong?
Why suddently lately I have started to have bad connection?

How I can test if it is wires or some kind of software problem?
Is there a command that I can run on my computer that will do same
thing that reboot does as far a connection to Internet?
Except I do not want physicall reboou, because at this time I usually
am in the middle of doing something else; like burning CD, writing

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