New to windows mail need help with account



i have come to set my emails up and requires a email address which is not
hotmail i only have this email address and was not given a new 1, do i have
to sign up for a different mail account? please help as im not to good with

thanks Sharon



Gary VanderMolen

We don't know what kind "this email address" is unless you tell us.
If it is a Hotmail address, you're in luck because Microsoft recently
enabled POP access for free Hotmail accounts.
Follow the settings given here:!CC9301187A51FE33!49799.entry
Use port 587 rather than port 25 for the SMTP server.

Windows Mail's new account wizard is hard-coded to reject Hotmail
and MSN addresses. So, when you enter your email address initially,
use a fake one, such as (e-mail address removed). After the account setup is
complete, go back and correct your email address.

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