Creating windows Live e-mail account



I was applying to a job on, however, I cannot apply without a
Windows Live e-mail account ( apparently, I cannot use a hotmail account ).
I already have a Windows Live ID. When I attempt to send my resume to the
job poster Windows Live requires that I set up an e-mail server account. How
do I find out my e-mail server type, incoming mail ( POP3 or IMAP) server,
and outgoing e-mail server (SMTP) name? Thanks fpr the help.

Charlie Tame

Those POP SMTP and IMAP details will depend on your mail service
provider, usually your Internet Service Provider, have they given you an
email address and if so what's the part after the @ sign, do NOT put the
full address here because it will get abused. If you can look on the ISP
web site they may have email settings info for you to follow...

If I am guessing right it may just be that when you click on the link it
is popping up the settings window for WLM, is there no published email
contact address in the ad? If not doesn't it show up when the window
pops up so you can just copy it to Hotmail account?

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