new security patches = hell



I've had the same nightmare with the new security patches.

I know absolutely jack about computer software. I often
just let Windows 2000 Pro do its thing and update. Never
had any serious problems.

On April 13th I saw the news about the critical flaws (the
urgency!!!) and downloaded the recommended patches:

MS04-011 (835732)
MS04-012 - Cumulative Update for Microsoft RPC/DCOM
MS04-013 - Cumulative Security Update for Outlook Express
and one or two others specifically for W2k.

Now nothing works. After reboot, an error prompt shows up
saying "transport init failed" or something to that
effect. All Microsoft products crash immediately without
managing to send the error report (internet explorer,
outlook express)... even just opening the control panel.
Any non-MS programs that do manage to open crash within

I'm rather anxious about the situation as I have 40 gigs
of project data on this sucker. Once this issue is sorted
out I'm going to back everything up as I should have done
months ago.

In any case, people have told me to either uninstall the
new patches or use system restore to revert back to the
old system files. I have no idea what any of this means,
and I'm too incompetent to navigate this motherload of a
Microsoft website for any help. I'll probably end up
making the situation worse.

Another thing: even if Microsoft releases a fix for this
problem, how am I supposed to access Windows Update if my
computer can't even tie its shoelaces? I'm using my old
Windows 98 computer at the moment (out of storage). I
have no plans to update any of the security patches. I'd
rather take ny chances naked with the hackers. At least I
have Zonealarm free and Mcafee *crickets*


Everything's back to normal after uninstalling the MS04-
011 (835732) patch.

control panel-> add/remove programs -> uninstall hotfix

*sigh of relief*
Oh, the drama!

At least I'm now aware of this hotfix uninstall feature.
Hopefully Microsoft will issue a "patched" patch sometime

Good luck everyone else.

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