Samsung Slow Patching


Feb 23, 2002
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In the past few months we've had BlueBorne and KRACK vulnerabilities discovered, which are huge security holes in devices we use all the time. Vendors were notified well in advance and had time to prepare patches. Microsoft have been excellent and patched things in plenty of time, Apple have been pretty good (although slower with KRACK patching), but Google have been lagging behind (and their devices have been amongst the most vulnerable).

As Samsung rely on Google releasing a patch, then bundling it in to their own update, it looks like a patch could be months after these vulnerabilities were discovered. My Samsung S7 and Gear S3 watches are still running on patch levels marked as August... quite few behind patching something as serious as this.

What do other Samsung device owners think? They seem to be one of the slowest manufacturers to respond to patching, even though they have a huge market share and their devices are high end.


Jan 31, 2005
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I know Google have patched the Blueborne attack as of their September patches, how long that takes to get down to other OEM's is anyone's guess. My S7 Edge is still on the August security patch.

Not sure on the KRACK vulnerability though.

Thing is a lot of old phones will never be patched. My dad's phone for example, is an old OG Moto G. That's on something like the July 2016 security patch and will never be patched... :|

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