New Page Issue in Crystal .Net



I am having difficulting duplicating a function from Crystal 8.5 and Crystal
XI (works in both versions) in the .Net Crystal environment.

The functionality forces a new page after the Group Footer is printed the
last time.

In Crystal 8.5 and Crystal XI the following code works just fine:

Numbervar x = 1

On the "New Page After" functionality of the group footer.

It ignores this functionality in the .Net Crystal Report version. I have
also tried WhileReadingRecords and still no luck.

I have put a forumula field in the group footer, and set its value equal to
the formula. On the Crystal 8.5 and XI it correctly displays 1 Or "1.00".
In the .net Crystal Report it displays 0 or "0.00".

Any ideas of how to work with this in the Crystal .Net version?

Thank you,



Never mind everyone, you can even delete the thread.

I forgot to set the variable (x) in a forumula field that counts when the
details section is printed.

I did this on both the 8.5 and XI versions, but forgot on the .Net version.
Now I have this added to the .Net version it works perfectly.

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