Crystal Reports Gantt chart


Gilberto Avila

I'm currently developing a web application with ASP .NET 1.1.
I'm using the bundled Crystal Reports in Visual Studio 2003 to create
reports for this application.
The system specification requires a Gantt chart inside one of these
reports, and that's the problem: this version of Crystal Reports
doesn't have a Gantt chart option.

I know that VS 2005 ships with Crystal Reports 10 version that supports
Gantt charts. I'm avoiding the migration of the entire application to
Framework 2.0. Moreover, our company doesn't have a VS 2005 license,
and that's why I'm looking for another way...

I've tried to use a third part chart component to create the Gantt
chart, save the chart as figure (byte stream), and put the figure
inside the report (using a DataSet binary field). This works fine,
but... I'm having problems with figures larger than one page. The
bottom of the figure is missing in the next page.

So, my question is:
Have someone been able to put a Gantt chart inside a report using
Crystal Reports that ships with VS 2003?
To put a figure of the chart inside the report, is it a good idea? Did
someone make it work properly with figures larger than the page size?
Is the only solution upgrade to VS 2005, or upgrade Crystal Reports?

Sorry for the long text and grammatical errors.


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