Crystal Report 8.5 and >net




In my ASP.NET web application project we need to design
crystal reports with Crystal Reports version 8.5
enterpraise edition(Please Note:It is not the Crystal
Reports that comes with VisualStudio.NET). Also the
Crsyatl Report software 8.5 version will not be installed
in the IIS web server which is hosting my ASP.NET web
application. It will be installed in a different server
which has .net and IIS 5.0.

My question is
1)How to server crsytal reports to client from other
server(where Crsyatl reports is installed) when a request
of report is made to my web server???

2)Can we use Crystal report web viewer control provided
with .net along with Crsyatl Reoprts 8.5 also?? are we
need to use activex control to show the reprts



Hi Raghu

why not u use acrobat means in a pdf format to show ur
report from ur web page.

for doing this just publish ur crystal report into say in
xml format and write code to read ur xml on runtime and
convert it into pdf and display it using acrobat reader.

Do not mind, my answer are just different what u asked !!
If u need any help do write back.


Raghu D R

Hi Piyush,

Thanks for the reply.
I cannot show reports in PDF format.
Its my client requirment to show report using active X or java viewer

So please let me know how to do this.


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