Crystal Report N server Access



I need to develop this application for some users. In simple terms I have a
windows form that allows the user to enter/select some parameters. A button
Click calls a Crystal Report to print.

The Crystal Report must read data from an Oracle Database. I can design the
Crystal Report to access Oracle directly using odbc. I know how to make this
run but I think this approach is not good, because this will create security
concern, require Oracle client installation, require odbc setup onto each
user's PC, etc.

I know I can remove this concern if I build a pure web-based application
(aspx). But if I don't want this now, is there another approach?

A different approach I have in mind is to build a small, separate
server-based application that simply prints Crystal Report. What then I need
is to set up Oracle access in the server, not on any PC. The user runs a
normal Windows application from his/her PC, and let the application call the
separate server-based printing application. Can someone tell me how good/bad
is this approach and if this is a normal approach, give me some hints for the
codes required in the Windows form?

Thank you.

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