Crystal Reports and VS Express


Thomas Schremser

Hi everybody!

I'm using the full version of Crystal Reports XI (Version and
Visual C# 2005 Express Edition.

I want to create a report which should later be populated with data from a
DataSet. Since my version of CR isn't integrated in the Express Edition of
VS I'm unable to create a report without connecting it to an existing data
source - in my case a SQL Server 2000 database. And that's where my problem
starts: no matter what I do, the report always retrieves its data from the
SQL Server and completely ignores the DataSet.

How can I remove the SQL Server connection from my report so it will use the
DataSet? Or is there a way to create a report just by defining fields
without the need of an explicit data source?

TIA & Greetings from Austria



Im not sure of your versions, but here are some helper urls:

Please review this

I've been able to define a STRONG dataset, and then wire it up (Just the
Schema) without the db being available.

There is a caveat. Sometimes the "use a dataset" in the set/source menu
item of CR...doesn't work.

and you have to resort to "xsd schema". its buried in there somewhere, and
instead of picking


you'll browser for an xsd file, which is your strong dataset definition.

STAY WITH THIS APPROACH, you're on the right path. Stick with the dataset,
and not marrying yourself to any particuliar database (running instance).

Thomas Schremser

Hi sloan!

Thanks for your answer but ...

sloan said:
There is a caveat. Sometimes the "use a dataset" in the set/source menu
item of CR...doesn't work.

.... there's my problem: "use a dataset" simply does not exist in my version



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