Can Crystal Reports be scheduled or dynamicaly generated from .NET?



I know there is some Crystal Reports functionality in .NET but I was
wondering if it was possible to actually schedule Crystal Reports
dynamically using csharp code and/or generate reports dynamically by
pulling parameters from the database. I am not that familiar with
Crystal but we have 3 report templates and we'd like to schedule (via
Crystal's scheduling capabilities) or dynamically generate to create
about 100 variations of these reports daily based on parameters stored
in the database. Are either of these possible or recommended? Anyone
have experience with this?


Ignacio Machin \( .NET/ C# MVP \)

Hi dave,

IT's not possible IIRC, I do remember reading somewhere ( I think it was on
the CR website ) that the version shipped with VS.NET does not has the
feature to dinamically generate reports.

I have never tried CR scheduling feature, to tell you the true this is the
first time I ever hear mention it :) , what I have done before is create a
console app that generate a report and send it by email in pdf format and
scheduled using windows's scheduled jobs. It does work fine until now.


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