New help setting up email account


Tracy Davis

Hello my name is Tracy

I need help setting up my window email accounts. What I am trying to do is
to be able to send mail and receive mail. I have try to set up the
information that is require, but something is wrong because an error keep
popping up. There is a chance that I may have information in the wrong
places. I really don't understand what information I need. Can someone walk
me through the steps of what information goes where.

Thank you


Charlie Tame

Sounds like you might be new to some of this so first a little advice.
You posted your question in a public newsgroup where anyone can come
along and read it, and that is exactly what people who send junk mail or
spam will do if you include a real email address.

If your service provider is AOL you will find the settings you need here.

I think most here will recommend that you install Windows Live Mail
rather than set up Windows Mail that comes with Vista as the "Live"
version is better and Microsoft are no longer improving the old version.

Gary VanderMolen \(MVP\)

I see you posted with an AOL email address. Assuming that is
the account you want to set up in Windows Mail, follow AOL's

Those instructions were written for Outlook Express, but
Windows Mail uses the same settings as Outlook Express.

Charlie gave you a solution that is tailored to Windows Live Mail.
It is a more modern email program than Windows Mail.
You would first need to download and install it:

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