New Audigy 2 and sound problems



I got a new Audigy 2 from Creative, I tried the original driver from the
disc first and it worked fine. Then I messed with all the settings and I
REALLY feel they need to do a redux so it functions flawlessly and is
UI friendly, I think it's rediculous as it is. Completely unstable, as far
as actual sound goes. The sounds just gets all messed up.

THEN I tried installing the "updates" from their site, and I get a message
that there is no sound card installed, of all things... anyone perfected the

SO... I uninstalled all Creative drivers and installed that BETA one that is
fully OpenAL for gamers, the one working now. However...

when listening to live365 (which I pay for) or cable TV (ATI card) I get
very very little sound in right channels (using Logitech z560 4.1). There
doesn't seem to be any realistic reason this is going on, but in the devise
manager there shows a problem:

"Other devises: Multimedia audio Controller"
Location: PCI bus 0, device 31, function 5, The drivers for this device
are not installed. (Code 28) ... and, drivers are unknown.

What can I do to correct all this?

not my site:

WinXP sp2
Abit IS7 / 865PE chipset mobo
Intel P4 2.60C/HT, Thermalright XP-90 cooler, 92MM 57 CFM Panaflo
1GB kingston PC3200 dual channel RAM with heat spreaders
ATI X800XL AGP, Thermalright V-1 cooler with two fans
Maxtor 80GB /8MB IDE, Abit Serillel SATA adapter to board
Maxtor 40GB /2MB IDE to board IDE
Coolmax CR-550B (550 watts, single 140MM fan)


Install the drivers from here

They are the latest drivers and should work without issue (hopefully)

Thanks I knew that, this time I stopped the installation "before" it could
continue after restart, so that only the drivers were installed. Then after
the second restart I got into the cdrom and installed all the goodies, now
everything works great. The right channel missing, just the damn wire
was out of the connector on the subwoofer.

Thanks again,

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