Burner is there, blank disc is not?



How do I fix that??? Hardware manager and explorer ell me the drive is there
yet not one single burning app, including windows, will acknowledge that a
blank disc is in the drive, a newly discovered problem.

Any solution to this problem?

WinXP sp2
Abit IS7 / 865PE chipset mobo
Intel P4 2.60C/HT, Thermalright XP-90 cooler, 92MM 57 CFM Panaflo
1GB kingston PC3200 dual channel RAM with heat spreaders
ATI X800XL AGP, Thermalright V-1 cooler with two fans
Creative Audigy 2
Maxtor 80GB /8MB IDE, Abit Serillel SATA adapter to board
Maxtor 40GB /2MB IDE to board IDE
Coolmax CR-550B (550 watts, single 140MM fan)


not my site: http://www.e-sword.net/


Open device mgr,scroll to the cd,expand the tree,R.click on the hardware,
select,uninstall.You can/could,restart-xp reinstalls on start up,or shutdown,
power off,move the cd to another IDE connection.If later,set the jumper pins
as needed...

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