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Charles Shapiro

I am trying to get a Vista laptop to print to a XP desktop printer. The
printer is shared and I can see all the drives on either computer in either
direction. I installed the printer with no problem on the wireless laptop,
it came up in the wizard as it should. I tell it to print and I see the job
in the print queue, but it never comes out of the printer. It prints fine
from the desktop.

I have a similar setup at home, except it's Vista > Vista and it works fine.
I did notice that the network on the laptop in question is listed as Private
while my Vista laptop is listed as Public, but my Vista desktop is listed as
Private. Would this have any thing to do with it not printing?

Appreciate any ideas? I could see it being a problem if I couldn't connect
to the printer or any of the drives on the desktop, but the network part
seems intact.



Charles Shapiro

I imagine I can, ( I don't have that laptop here). I did it on my setup. Is
this what it needs to be?



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