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I just purchased a new Laptop running Vista Home Premium. I also have 2
older computers (a laptop and desktop) running XP. The Desktop computer has
2 printers attached to is that is shares so both XP Computers and print. I
tried to add these printers to Vista and a message that The server does not
have the correct Print driver installed. It will let me look up for *.inf,
but I haven't found a where to look or what the name of the files are to
copy onto the Vista machine. I get this same situation for both shared

I then took one of the printers and connected it to the Vista machine and it
works fine there. I then shared it and tried to get the XP machines to
access it across the network. I receive the same message on the XP machine
when I try to add the network printer.

Any help will be appreciated.

Cari \(MS-MVP\)

Dum, de dum........ how about telling us what the make and model of the
printer is?!!!!! Then we can hopefully point you to the drivers you need
which should be available from the manufacturers' website.

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