Vista/XP Printer Sharing Problem



- Vista Home Prem desktop, usb connected HP Laserjet 1020, ethernet
hardwired to router
- XP Home Laptop wireless connection to router
- Both systems running Windows Onecare
Objective: Share printer between the desktop and laptop
Problem: When test page is printed from desktop, it prints fine. When test
page is printed from laptop, it appears in the desktop print queue, but does
not print. Succeeding documents printed from desktop also do not print.
When I reboot the desktop, all documents in the queue (from both machines)
- desktop printing to HP printer via usb works fine as long as there is no
document in the queue from the laptop
- when laptop is directly connected to HP printer, it prints fine through a
usb direct connect printer definition
- Onecare printer sharing on the desktop is set to share the printer.
Onecare successfully sent a message to the laptop that a shared printer is
available and asked if it should be installed. It then successfully
installed the networked (throgh the desktop) printer.
To me it is very significant that both the documents from the desktop and
laptop are printed on reboot. This means that they have been successfully
sent from the laptop to the desktop, just not printed.
When printing is in a "suspended" state due to a document having been sent
from the laptop, the document counts for the printer correctly shows two
documents. Status shows "printing"
Any help is greatfully appreciated

Robert L. \(MS-MVP\)

Many Vista printer issue can be fixed by add it as local printer first and
remap it as network printer. This search result may help too.

Vista Print IssuesMay 27, 2007 ... Solved: Vista print Error 0x00000866.
Resolution: 1. Add a Local Printer and then create a new port pointing to
the shared printer. ...

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