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I have a lexmark x5150 printer installed on a XP Home desktop. I have the
printer shared. I can connect with a XP Pro laptop and print. I cannot
connect with a Vista Premium laptop. I checked the additional drivers
section under the printer sharing tab and it does not list any vista drivers.
What is the best way to get through this?

Yves Leclerc

If Lexmark does not have a driver or a general driver for Vista, then you are
out of luck! This is one reason that Vista is not popular since 97% of
hardware will need to be thrown out.



Sorry, I meant to add that I went to the lexmark site and downloaded
cjrX5100EN.exe. This is what it gives me when I click on vista driver for my
model. I ran it on the vista laptop which did nothing. I assume it has to
go on the computer hosting the printer which has XP Home on it. Is there a
place to add the vista driver to the additional drivers in the sharing tab?
That way it just downloads to the vista computer and installs automatically.

Paul Baker [MVP, Windows - SDK]

Sometimes the EXE you download is a self-extracting archive so that might be
why it looks like it does nothing.

Sometimes you have to browse for an INF file instead of running an

There may be installation instructions on the web page you dowloaded it



Vista driver needs to be installed onto the Vista PC. The only thing you need
from the XP P is the complete UNC (Universal Naming Convention) name for the
printer (ex: \\PCXP\Lexmark)

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