Need to change how FUll scan options are selected



Under <TOOLS> <General Settings> <Advanced Options
Do not scan the following files or paths

Needs to change to have a default scan drive C: and add the following drives

ie I have 11 mapped drives at work if all 10000 or so employees install
defender and perform a full scan all the mapped drives and a HEAVY network
load will follow!

Bill Sanderson

Are you seeing this actually happening, with full scan selected?
What type of network?

I haven't tested this yet, but when I select a Custom scan, for example, no
drives are selected.


We use Novell. The policy is to push a set of mapped drives to the users for
various tasks. When you let Defender perform its default scan every day it
will scan the mapped drives unless list them in "do not scan these drives".
If you select <SCAN> <quick scan> none of the mapped drives get scanned (
nothing is selected in the custom area). If you select <SCAN><FULL SYSTEM
SCAN> all the mapped drives get scanned. We cant have that! we should be able
to select what drive TO scan

Bill Sanderson

I agree. I believe that, on release, with the ADM management template
available, you will be able to make that choice.

Until then, this isn't suitable for deployment on production machinery, as
you note.


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