Can I schedule a custom scan instead of full system scan??



Is there a way to schedule a custom scan? I currently have Defender set to
run a full system scan everyday. My PC is connected to a network and
Defender scans all my network drives also, which is not necessary. The only
choices in the schedule drop down are quick scan and full system scan.

I really only need it to scan my C, D and E drives (Hard Drives).

Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.


Hello Dave,

Have you try Scan Options.

Scan for spyware and other potentially unwanted software In Windows
Defender, you can choose to run a "quick scan" of your computer or a "full
system scan".

A quick scan checks the places on your computer's hard disk that spyware is
most likely to infect.

A full scan will check all files on your hard disk and all currently running
programs, but it might cause your computer to run slowly until the scan is

WD recommend that you schedule a daily quick scan.

At any time, if you suspect that spyware has infected your computer, run a
full scan.

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I hope this post is helpful.

Let us know how it works ºut.


Bill Sanderson MVP

I don't see this behavior on networked machines I work with--can you say
more about the network--in particular, what network redirector, perhaps
including the version, might help. I don't know whether this can be fixed
or not--but it is worth raising.

Wow--it had been a while since I looked at mpcmdrun, and it has changed

The scantype choices are 0-default, 1-quick scan, and 2-full system scan

So--I'm not sure of the answer to this--I believe that the scheduled scan
runs the "default" scan. So--set up a custom scan, run it once, to be sure
it does what you expect (it will do a quick scan followed by a scan of
whatever specific area(s) you choose--and then see whether the scheduled
scan goes on to do that same scan. This seems worth trying, at least.

MPCMDRUN is a console mode (commad line) executable in the windows defender
installation folder--it is the code that initiates the scheduled scans, as
well as automatic definition updates--worth taking a look at for anyone
interested in finer control over scheduled scanning, definition updates--or,
at this point--a number of other things I really haven't thought about yet.


I'm also seeing this same issue. I set a full scan off at 2am, and 6 hours
later its still running its way through my network drives.

I seem to be able to only schedule either full or quick scan, not a custom.
And in either case, I only want to scan my local hard drives.

Is there a setting in WD to make it less intrusive?


I don't believe we do. I'm just running WD on my PC. My F: drive, for
example, is just a simple map to a 2TB server using NTFS. Virtually
everything here is MS orientated, though we do cluster servers to provide
failover resilience

Bill Sanderson MVP

Hmm - that's interesting--I had thought that this issue was limited to the
Novell redirector so far. I haven't seen it myself on the SBS-2000 networks
I work with.

Thanks for the response--let me see whether I can think what further
diagnostic info might be useful.


Bill Sanderson MVP

Thanks--I haven's seen this issue in three small offices that I work with,
but none of them is running Windows Server 2003, so perhaps something is
different in that environment---will see what I can find out.


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