Need help restoring My Backup file


The Doctor

Hi! Yesterday I had to restore my Windows XP system from the hard drive
because I hadn't made any back up discs and a file was missing in the
Windows system and it wouldn't boot up. I used Full System Restore (with
Backup). When I did this, it moved the contents of my hard drive to a file
on the C Drive called My Backup -- 24-06-07 2235. How do I restore these
files back to their original locations? I tried using Accessories-Systems
Tools-Backup-Advance Mode-Restore and Manage Media but it doesn't locate or
recognize any .bkf files, even when I direct it to the My Backup file on the
C Drive.

Can I restore from the C Drive My Backup file or do I just Cut/Copy/Paste
the files I need? What if I have already moved some files doing the Cut &
Paste method? After I have moved or restored the files I want to keep, can
I then delete the My Backup file from the C Drive? It is approximately 53
Gigs. Thank you for your help in this matter! Your advice is greatly

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