My Printer LOVES to print!



I have Windows 2000 and Office 2000. Every time I shut
down or reboot my computer, everything that I printed
since the last shutdown starts printing again as the
computer starts back up.
To prevent this, I go into settings, printers, my
specific printer, then I cancel all the documents. So,
upon shutdown, the printer has nothing to print.

Does anyone know what could be causing the files that I
printed to stay for re-printing? If I dont take the step
above, my printer will print EVERYTHING it has printed
since I last cancelled documents to be printed.

I hope I have made my problem clear. Oh yes, I have an HP-
2200 laserjet printer that is shared by others on the
office network. None of the others have this problem.

Any suggestions are appreciated.



I am trying to solve that problem currently also. I have
5 systems in a w2000 pro network and am using a D-Link DP-
300U print server with an HP1200 laser w/parallel
connection to the printer. The reprints only occur on the
HP, none of the other printers networked.

I have set up another network using all XP pro machines
with the same print server and a different HP and it did
not have the problem.

Still trying to figure out why...

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