My migration scenario questions??



Greetings all;

I think I have read just about everything MS has published regarding
migration from NW to Win2k3. They all basically say the same thing but
still haven't answered some of my basic questions so here goes.......

I currently have one NW6 server that hosts GW6 and file access. I have
about 28 workstations to migrate. I am doing this project solo. I would
like to take the phased approach so as to reduce the impact on my users and
also to keep me from having to migrate everybody all at once (running around
like a chicken with my head cut off). I cannot have any disruptions for
them in their workflow.

So, I understand that I can use one-way sync of NDS and AD and have tested
that in a lab that I setup with my new Dell2850 running Win2k3 and AD.
One-way sync doesn't create the file migration log and I don't want to apply
security to the migrated data manually. All of the test accounts sync
without issue. I have also tested MSDSS and migrated over users (created
the migration file log) and then used FMU to migrate over some test data.
All of that works well and the migrated files all show the correct
users/permissions. I am considering using the migration method with MSDSS
to move my users so that a log can be created and that log can then be used
to move the 16GB of user data and apply user security settings.

My thoughts are this: If I use MSDSS to migrate over all users, create a
migration log, use that log with FMU to migrate the data, could I then kill
off the NW login scripts that point the clients to the NW server and instead
redirect the NW scripts to map to the new server, and thus the migrated
data? In effect, the client would still be a member of the old workgroup
and run the NW client, but would be pointed over to the Win2k3 server by a
map that the NW client runs. I know that the NW client scripts are
proprietary. I could then, after migrating over that user's Groupwise email
(separate project), go to that user, remove the NW client, join them to the
domain, delete the GW client, install Outlook 2003, and then they would be
using all the new services.

I am trying to put together a migration plan such as this so that I can move
the users at a leisurely pace, without any lost time. I don't see why this
plan won't work, at least in theory. In all the MS articles I have read, it
states that migration of users and data can happen in a phased method and
the users can still access their data. My question, that isn't answered
anywhere, is, if I move a user and his data, it seems like I would have to
program his workstation as described above to get them pointed to the new
data location. This still means going to every WS and really seems to defeat
the phased approach as in any real world environment, users look at data
across the entire server, at least at my site.

I apologize for the length of this post, but details are important.



Well I figured out and tested that I can call my login.bat file from within
the Novell client to re-route mapping off of the NW server and over to the
new Windows server. Sweet. A simple little line added on the NW server's
main client logon script will point all my NW clients to the new server when
they logon on. Glad now that I don't have to visit every WS to plug the
script into the startup group.

That is going to be a HUGH help.


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