My "Download" suddenly has columns like the "Music" folder.




My "Downloads" folder in Vista suddenly looks like my "Music" folder
with columns like "Artist", "Album" and "Genre". I would like it to be
like it was, a normal file folder. Do I have to change all the columns
manually, or can I somehow set it to be a normal file folder?

I am afraid to mess too much with this folder since it's one of those
special folders with it's own icon, but I would like it to be a normal
file folder since it doesn't contain any music. Btw, does anyone know
what triggers a folder to change columns like my download have done did?

ceed wrote:

|Change the view setting to list.

That doesn't change the columns, thanks.
Jan 2, 2014
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Just putting this out there in case anyone else runs into the same situation.
Open your 'downloads' folder.
Right-click in an empty space.
From the menu that pops up, choose 'Customize this Folder'.
The Properties box should come up. On the 'Customize' tab, you should see 'What kind of folder do you want?' Under that, it will say 'Optimize this folder for:'. Change the dropdown box to say 'General Items'.
Click Ok.

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