Music Skips in Windows Vista



I recently upgraded to the Beta of Vista and one of the only problems I've
encountered is the skipping of Music. It doesn't matter if the music is
being played from a CD, in Windows Media Player, Itunes, or being streamed
from the Internet, all music files skip as if the disk is scratched. I have
a brand new very fast computer that played music fine on XP. Any Help would
be much appreciated.

R. McCarty

Most likely a driver issue. I have a SigmaTel on my Sony Vaio and it
plays content OK. Also, Vista has "Debug" code and the system is
probably heavily loaded (Memory/CPU). You could use either the
TaskMgr (Processes TAB) or SysInternals Process Explorer to view
the loading on your computer. You didn't mention which Audio card
or chipset is on your PC - but you may need to see if the vendor is
offering Vista Beta drivers for it.


I'm having the same problem and do suspect my audio driver, but when this
happens I notice the cpu and hd usage sky rockets. When this happens it's
either been explorer or the index search tool working in the backround.
Providing the cpu usage is below 50% and with no sudden spikes audio playback
is normal.

I'm using build 5384 on both my laptop (Acer 1691 WMLI) and my desktop which
I dual boot between Vista and XP Pro. The playback problem only appears on
the desktop so I'm curious if it's more than just the audio driver.

AMD Athlon 64 3200 (Socket 754)
Asus K8V SE Delux (VIA K8T800 Northbridge, VIA VT8237 Southbridge)
2 x 120Gb Seagate Barracuda's on VIA VT8237 (non raid (boot drives XP & Vista)
*1 x 120Gb Seagate Barracuda on Promise 378 SATA controller (non raid)
*1 x Hitachi Deskstar 80Gb on Promise 378 SATA controller (non raid)
Gigabyte 6600GT Video on Vista native drivers (AGP 8)
Creative Labs Audigy 7.1 SE on Vista update drivers
Also on board
Wirless 108Mbs, Belkin first generaion bluetooth adapter
LAN, LPT and COMS disabled in BIOS
Microsoft & 3rd party software running
McAfee Enterprise 8.5 Beta 3
Messenger Live
Vista's sidebar
Office 2007 Beta 2

* Both drives are not detected by Vista, no promise 378 drivers as yet.
Drives used as media storage and backup when Windows XP in use.

Is there support for the onboard sound (ADI AD1980 SoundMax)?

I apologise if it's too much information


I don't know the precise cause of this--you can sure try replacing the audio
driver with a new one. But since it's only happening on your desktop with x
# of explorer folders open or when index search which can spend some CPU is
on, try cutting services you don't need at services.msc and cutting
processes you don't need to run and see if this helps. Of course in
addition run some spyware scans (you probably have) and defrag.

Vista Service Guide Part 1

Vista Service Guide Part 2


Keith Schaefer

I had the same issue using my onboard sound and the "official" Vista BETA
driver.....I instead went to using the XP Pro driver for my NF4 onboard
sound, and all is peachy keen and flawless at this point.

Drivers for Vista are sorely lacking in some respects. Try the XP Pro
driver....I bet it works, and may solve your problem.

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