music/video skips while playing from internet w/ two new HP laptop



Hello, I bought my daughter and myself 2 new laptops for Christmas. For my
daughter is the DV6500t with 1.50 intel processor(5450, ( I upgraded to 4gig
of RAM), and paid extra for Dedicated Video Card;256MB NVIDIA GeForce 8400M
GS - For Core 2 Duo Processors , 15.4 lcd, and mine the DV9500; I have the
17" LCd, 7250 Intel processor with the 256MB NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS card,
and 240 gig HD, with 2 gig RAM.

I have the same issue on both these laptops... The music/ video skips when
you try to play music from yahoo music videos, or , etc.

I have tried the 2 common fixes, disable the enhancements( already checked),
and the right click on speaker icon, etc. fixes to no avail.

I have noticed that when the music/ video skips/freezes, the resource mter
shows 50-65% processor taken,...Weird!

I have not downloaded anything on these. I only thing i updated was Norton
360 for protection. I even tried to disable the windows firewall to fix, but
this did not help problem.

I am ready to throw out the window, HP techs are no HELP!!


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