Windows Media Player skips music and more



I'm having problems with my Windows Vista at the moment.

When trying to play video files, an error message pops up with COM Surrogate
has stopped working and needs to be closed.

A more annoying problem is that when playing music on Media Player, towards
the end of any song (20 seconds), all songs played in Windows Media Player,
it starts to skip. It only skips for a second or 2. It kind of feels like
it's prefetching the next song and that's what's causing but I wouldn't know
how to turn that off.

I use a Sony VAIO VGN-FE21S, any ideas on how to fix the problem?


John Barnes

Personally I have stopped using Media Player as version 11 is a disaster on
all my system. Use an alternate like Media Player Classic. Works great for
me. Free doesn't hurt.

John Barnes

I have never had any luck with Media Center. I have set up MP3 and MP4 to
use MPC and I open MPC and then open any movies with the file tab.


i've seen the following solution in other posts here and it cured my "skip 20
seconds before end of song" problem that has been driving me crazy:

in control panel, go to sound, find your sound device properties and go to
the "enhancements" tab and check the "disable all enhancements" checkbox.

my guess is that it's looking ahead to the next song to figure out if it
needs to make adjustments. not worth the CPU time if it causing skipping in
the current song.

thanks again to Michael and whoever he got this from for finding this - it's
been driving me and a lot of others crazy!


you are friggin awesome, i was going crazy because on every other track to
'Minutes to Midnight' was going insane. once again THANK YOU!!!!1

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