MUI working only partially



I tried to extend my existing (english) image with several MUI packs.
I installed the required packs (SP1 and SP2) and tried according to Sean D.
Limings book to perform the necessary steps.

First problem:
In TD in the Regional Options Component the only selectable language for the
user interface language remains to english.

Second problem:
I building the image and run Win XPe, and now I have in the Control Panel at
the Regional and Language Options the possibility the choose the installed
languages from the MUI packs.
But after the recommended reboot the Explorer shell, Control Panel and so on
stay in english. Inside the Control Panel some points switch to the desired
language (ex. Security Center -> Sicherheitscenter).

Burkhard Pauli



Andreas Gessner

Hi Burkhard,

I had the same problem. After Installing the MUI you need to delete the
German Language Support and insert it again. After that you can chosse the
language in the Regional Options Component.


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