MSN Messenger cuts out Strange!



Hi I posted this on a MSN Messenger group but never had a satisfactory

I chat with a friend most nights on MSN messenger v7.5. We both have Windows
XP SP2 with the latest updates. I use Blueyonder broadband and my friend
uses UClub/Plusnet ISDN.

When we are chatting using Voice conversation at exactly 01:00 we lose the
connection and I get a pop up that he has ended the conversation and he is
offline. His messenger icon has a red cross on it and on clicking the icon
he gets a message that he is not connected. He then clicks connect and he is
connected then starts an audio conversation and every thing is OK. Now the
strange bit. If I connect remotely with his computer and take charge of it
before 01:00, when he loses the connection I can click on his MSN icon and
sign in to messenger and start a voice conversation with myself from his
computer. All without him doing a thing.

So it would appear that he is not losing his internet connection as I have
control of his computer but something is cancelling his voice conversation
at exactly 01:00. Has anyone any ideas what could cause this? As I said he
is not losing his internet connection nor remote access only the voice

Totally baffled Ron
p.s email does not work as it is full of spam etc



PA Bear

Ron said:
Hi that was a different random problem. Doing what was suggested never
made any difference but it seemed to resolve itself.
This is a new problem. It happens every night at 01:00

You said you'd posted about this to MSN Messenger newsgroup. Your thread
from Dec-05 was the only one I could find by you or related to your problem.

Perhaps Jonathan or one of the other MSN Messenger MVPs can lend a hand

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