MS Office 2007 won't accept Product Key registration


Gray Badger

New CompUSA HP Vista x32 Home Basic for daughter's college. Installing
university-issued 'Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007', 'September 2007',
'Applications Student Media' DVD, w/ Product Key on back of plastic sleeve.

Keep getting prompted after install to enter Product Key, but won't accept
what's on back of sleeve(!?). Tried x3. I suppossedly get 25 uses of Office
without registration before lessened functionality suppossedly happens. Case
is right. Field automatically puts in hyphens. Checked it x3.

A few weird things about install:
1) Remarkably fast. I called CompUSA afterwards to make sure laptop didn't
come w/ Office already- they assured it didn't.
2) During actual install, no reference to Word, Excel, Powerpoint, or
Access. But, there was referral to 'Microsoft Office Communicator 2007',
which is also in parentheses under 'MS Office 7007 Enterprise 2007' title.
3) There's a 2nd, very similar disc we received upon purchasing Office.
Labeled very similarly, but has no Product Key displayed, it's sub-titled
'Product Key Required', & is 'April 2007' instead of Sept. Since the other
disc had a Product Key, I installed it.

I installed the wrong disc? I need to install both? I need to take this

Please. Thanks. Prior Vista forum had great, quick service.

Arvin Meyer [MVP]

Sorry Gray, this newsgroup doesn't deal with Office issues. I would ask the
university IT department for guidance on this.

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