Installed Office Home/Student 2007 / asks for product key sometime



My computer came with trial version of microsoft office but I had purchased
Office Home and Student 2007 so installed that. I sent trial version to
recycle bin and that might be the mistake I made because now with some
functions of Word it asks me for my product key and I put in the key from the
purchased Office H&S but it says it is incorrect and won't do that function.
I am wondering if I shouldn't have deleted the trial version of microsoft
office before I installed the microsoft home and student. If there is anyone
that understands this situation and what I have done wrong and how to fix

Gordon Bentley-Mix at

You should indeed uninstall the trial version before installing the purchased
version. My recommendation would be to uninstall the purchased version,
uninstall the trial version, then try installing the purchased version again.

I'm not quite sure what you mean by "I sent trial version to recycle bin",
but if you just deleted the shortcut from the desktop / quick launch bar /
Start menu (or equivalent/s in Vista), you should be aware that this doesn't
actually _uninstall_ the program, and doing so should not have any impact on
uninstalling the program through the Control Panel. However, if you attempted
to delete the related files through Window Explorer, you may have some
problems, which would be beyond the scope of this forum to resolve; the
assistance of an IT professional would be required.

And for future reference, never, EVER try to uninstall a program by deleting
the program files. This may have worked for simple programs many years ago,
but modern software is extremely complex, with files, registry settings, etc.
that _must_ be removed / modified using the proper processes. Those processes
are under the control of Windows and run through the functionality provided
by the Control Panel and the installation package for the program.

Gordon Bentley-Mix
Word MVP

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