Microsoft Office Home and Stedent 2007 trial is expired



my 60days trial is expired and i don't know what to do next? i tried to click
" convert" and "enter my product key" then "install now" and then it said"
Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 trial configuration has completed
successfully". so i closed and restarted but i still can't type anything at

Can someone please tell me what to do ?

thank you very much!

Jay Freedman

After a trial version expires, if you want to keep using the software,
you have to pay for a full license. That will provide a new product
key, which you put into that dialog because the old key won't work any

Visit and read the answer
to "How do I convert my trial?"

Hint: Forget all about converting the trial. Buy a complete new copy
of Office, including the CD, from a regular retailer such as It will be cheaper than buying a license directly from
Microsoft, besides which you'll have the CD so you can reinstall the
program in case your hard disk crashes. Just be careful to keep the
plastic box with the sticker that shows the product key, because
that's hard to replace if lost. Before installing the new Office, back
up any documents you've made, and then uninstall the trial version and
install the new one in its place.

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