Office Basic 2007 Product Key not working on new laptop w/ Vista



I purchased a new Toshiba Notebook, a Satellite P105. The notebook was
delivered Feb. 23rd. The 25 character product key to activate Office Basic
2007, which came preinstalled purchased thru Toshiba Direct, did not work. I
received no CD's for Vista or for Office Basic. I called MS, Toshiba Tech
Support, and Toshiba Customer Support (the sales side). No one can figure
out why this is happening. Toshiba told me weeks ago that they would have MS
send me a new product key, which never happened. They are still working on
the problem, yet I cannot use outlook, word, etc. I could for a few days but
now I'm pretty much locked out of most useability.

Any suggestions? I've been looking around to see if this is happening to
others and I cannot find anyone. Brand new computer, preinstalled w/ Vista
and Office Basic, Vista working OK but can't activate Office Basic.

Very frustrating. Any suggestions would be appreciated...other than do not
buy Toshiba again.

David B.

Can't say what's causing your problem, but I can tell you that Microsoft
will not send you a new key as your Office is OEM, which means it's up to
Toshiba to provide support, and to provide you with a working key.


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Please describe your problem e a little clearer and with less emotion.

As I understand you have a new Toshiba which came with some version of Vista
And when you try and install a new retail version of Office 2007 that is not
instaled on any other system on it it won't install and apparently provides
no error message since you did not describe receiving any.

Is the above descption of your problem correct? If not please supply a more
accurate description.

Rick Rogers

Which Product Key are you using to activate Office 2007? The one affixed to
the laptop is for Windows, not Office. If you received a preinstalled trial
version of Office 2007, then you likely need to purchase a Product Key to
activate it. Check your system documentation for details.
dude i have a tohshiba satellite 2 and i absoloutley LOVE it!! the whole
product key thing happens on like every new computer i have no idea why.

Preinstalled Vista systems from major manufacturers do not require
activation or insertion of a Product Key.
i have a dell desktop and i had to friggin call sum guy from dell to fix
it and it took like 3 hours. omfg thats y i hate microsoft so much!

You hate Microsoft because Dell took so long? That's like hating Ford
because your mechanic took too long to rotate the tires.
and then when u go to the website for support they F**KING wanna charge u
$49 bucks just for help (as if it we nothing!!)

That's because your support come from Dell (or whatever manufacturer you
bought from). Microsoft supports retail disks. Support for preinstalled
systems comes from the system maker. This has been the case for many, many
years. If you want Microsoft to deal with Dell's modified installation, you
need to expect to pay for it.
i F**KING swear if it werent 4 me having to do a typed project 4 summer
reading, i woudnt even
be bothering wit this SH*T!!! i been on this looking everywhere 4 like
an hour!! so next time totally go with toshiba bt screw microsoft if u

Toshiba, like Dell, sells preinstalled systems and is responsible for
support of the operating system. From recent reports I've seen, their
support is worse than Dell's.

If you wish to avoid Microsoft, then might I suggest you look into any of
the multitude of free linux distributions and I suspect you
won't like the (lack of) support you find with those products either, but
they'll cost you far less.

Best of Luck,

Rick Rogers, aka "Nutcase" - Microsoft MVP

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Frank Holman

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