Outlook 2007 purchased from amazon won't accept product key



I have the located the Product key--It is on the authentication label on the
plastic software box -- but get errors when I start to enter it,

"0 is not a valid character in a product key"

"5 is not a valid character in a product key"

Of course the authentication label had to be removed in order to open the
container to install the software, so it probably can't be returned. I tried
to get online support, but can't because the product key I enter isn't valid!
The software installed successfully, but now I only have 24 uses left,
since it won't accept the key.



This is penelopekc. It installed. For Outlook 2007, the Product key is NOT
one of those tiny numbers on the authentication label. It is on a yellow
label, clearly marked with "PRODUCT KEY" that is attached to the part of the
plastic box that holds the CD and swings out! Sorry for the premature post.
Hope this helps someone else.

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