Access MS ACCESS - what does the & "*" part mean?

Mar 20, 2007
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SELECT [UK Table].[Business Name], [UK Table].[Business Type], [UK
Table].Address, [UK Table].City, [UK Table].Country, [UK
Table].[Telephone Number], [UK Table].[Website Address], [UK
Table].[Email Address]
FROM [UK Table]
(([UK Table].[Business Name] Like Forms!frmNz!txtBusinessName &
"*") Or (Forms!frmNz!txtBusinessName Is Null)) And (([UK
Table].[Business Type] Like Forms!frmNz!txtBusinessType & "*") Or
(Forms!frmNz!txtBusinessType Is Null)) And (([UK Table].Address Like
Forms!frmNz!txtAddress & "*") Or (Forms!frmNz!txtAddress Is Null))
And (([UK Table].City Like Forms!frmNz!txtCity & "*") Or
(Forms!frmNz!txtCity Is Null)) And (([UK Table].Country Like
Forms!frmNz!txtCountry & "*") Or (Forms!frmNz!txtCountry Is Null))
And (([UK Table].[Telephone Number] Like Forms!frmNz!txtTelephoneNumber
& "*") Or (Forms!frmNz!txtTelephoneNumber Is Null)) And (([UK
Table].[Website Address] Like Forms!frmNz!txtWebsiteAddress & "*")
Or (Forms!frmNz!txtWebsiteAddress Is Null)) And (([UK Table].[Email
Address] Like Forms!frmNz!txtEmailAddress & "*") Or
(Forms!frmNz!txtEmailAddress Is Null));

I have used this query but fail to know what the & "*" part means. What does it do? What does it mean?


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