Access stripping decimal places in query

Sep 27, 2018
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I am running a query that selects data from a SQL Server view. When the data comes back it is rounded to not have any decimal places. This does not happen to every column even though all the columns are defined the same in the SQL base table "[whp] [numeric](10, 2) NULL,", "[whp_si] [numeric](10, 2) NULL," in this instance the Access querycolumn 'whp_si' shows the decimal places always but 'whp' does not, ever. Looking at the data 'whp_si' in SQL, the majority of records have decimal places, whereas the majority do not for 'whp', I cannot believe that this would make any difference but you never know. When I look at the linked SQL base table via Access in design mode, it interprets both columns as Number, Decimal, Precision 10, Scale 2, Decimal Places Auto. When I look at the SQL view it shows 'whp' as Long Integer and 'whp_si' as Double, the view is almost a like for like representation of the the base table, there is no formatting whatsoever. The users can not see the base tables they have to use the views. Can anybody help me with this, please.
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