Decimal places in charts



Hi all

I have a report which includes two chart objects. The data is displayed ok
in design view, but when I preview the reports some of the values show are
not rounded and display more than 2 decimal places. How can I fix these to
two decimals only?

The problem is it is the raw data that is stored with more than 2 decimals.
The datasource for the charts are union queries so I am not sure how I can
format the columns? The sql is select * from dealerwarranty union select *
from nationalwarranty.

There are always two records only for each chart, one for current dealer
values and one for the national values (which are always 100 and need to be a
whole number, not two decimals). The national data is displayed as a trend
line at 100.

Perhaps the most simplest answer would be to store the data as 2 decimals
when it is first imported, is this possible to enforce?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Douglas J. Steele

Created a query, and use the Format function (as opposed to setting the
Format property), or use the Round function. Use the query as the
RecordSource for the graph.


Thanks Doug... So I guess I need to do another query on top of my existing
datasource query as this is a union query which is my problem - I can't use
the format or round function with these (unless I try doing it by specifying
each individual field name instead of select * ) ?

Douglas J. Steele

Just in case something changes in the underlying queries.

Remember that you must have the same number of fields, and each field must
be of the same data type. If you make a change to one of the tables or
queries being used and forget to change the other(s), you'll have problems.

To me, it's always better to be explicit than implicit.

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