Access Determine what query to run based on a checkbox

Nov 28, 2017
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I have a form which I use to select a company and a service, and then click a button 'Run Query', returning results according to what company or service were selected.

Currently these results are automatically date-filtered to only show results with publication deadlines in the future. These deadlines are drawn from one table, tblDeadlines, and the Company/Service data drawn from tblServicePrice (see SQL below).

I want to instead have a checkbox on the form, which will apply this date filter when I click the 'Run Query' button only if it is ticked. How should I go about this?

Here is the current SQL for my Query:

SELECT tblCompanies.Company, tblServicePrice.Service, tblServicePrice.Price, tblServicePrice.Currency, tblServicePrice.[Number of Issues], tblServicePrice.Comments, tblDeadlines.Deadline
FROM (tblCompanies INNER JOIN tblServicePrice ON tblCompanies.ID = tblServicePrice.Company) INNER JOIN tblDeadlines ON tblCompanies.ID = tblDeadlines.Company
WHERE (((tblServicePrice.Service)=[Forms]![SearchF]![Service]) AND ((tblDeadlines.Deadline)>Date()) AND ((tblServicePrice.Company)=[Forms]![SearchF]![Company])) OR (((tblDeadlines.Deadline)>Date()) AND (([Forms]![SearchF]![Service]) Is Null) AND (([Forms]![SearchF]![Company]) Is Null)) OR (((tblServicePrice.Service)=[Forms]![SearchF]![Service]) AND ((tblDeadlines.Deadline)>Date()) AND (([Forms]![SearchF]![Company]) Is Null)) OR (((tblDeadlines.Deadline)>Date()) AND ((tblServicePrice.Company)=[Forms]![SearchF]![Company]) AND (([Forms]![SearchF]![Service]) Is Null));



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