Moving Paragraphs with Alt+Shift+Arrow


Phil Rabichow

I have Word 2003 & have noticed something strange. The Alt+Shfit+Up or Dwn
Arrow to move paragraphs (using normal or Print Layout view) is affected by
what paragraphs are showing up in outline view.

I have several rosters...some I created & some sent to this format
(without numbering):

1. First & Last Name
2. address
3. tel
4. email
5. parent's first names

I make the first paragrpah Heading 1 style, switch to outline view, show
only level 1, & sort (so it's sorted by first name). If I switch to normal
or Print Layout view & try to move a body text paragraph (2-4), they act as
a block; i.e. if I put the cursor in paragraph 3 & Ctrl+Shfit+arrow down,
paragraphs 3-5 move below the next blocks paragrpah 5 (up arrow puts it
above para 1).

They only move correctly if:
A. Outline view has "show all levels" OR,
B. If I expand individual headings to show body text (in outline view),
switch to Print or normal view, then I can move paragraphs that are within
that "expanded" heading. i.e. it works as if I were still in outline view.

By the way, even if outline view has show only Level 1 & I switch to Print
Layout & sort, it sorts each paragraph separately (like you would expect).
It's only the Alt+Shift+Arrow that works differently

Does anyone else have this??? Or know if I'm doing something wrong?

Stefan Blom

This is because moving text up and down is primarily for Outline view (moving
large blocks of collapsed text in Outline view is very efficient). The
easiest workaround is to always switch to Outline view before using
Alt+Shift+Up/Down arrow.

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