Moving master HD to another computer



For friends and family I have bought a multi pack of WinXP. For each person,
I’d like to install WinXP on a new HD in my computer and load everything I
think is needed, move this HD to their computer, and have them finish the
process, registering and so forth. Will XP do this, or will it recognize that
the computer is different and not run?

For everyone that is shouting ‘just get the upgrade!’ I am working with
people who are afraid of upgrades, from bad experiences going to Win 98 from
older versions.



Patti MacLeod

Hi camplate,

Unless the computers into which the hard drives are being installed are
identical to your computer, XP will more than likely choke upon bootup when
the hard drive is moved to a different computer. A repair install would need
to be performed after the hard drive is physically installed in the "new"
computer. Have a look here:

Changing a Motherboard or Moving a Hard Drive with XP Installed


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