move a row of data from one work sheet to another using a formula

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Need formula help, Excel 2007, Thanks

Hello, I am trying to create a formula that will move the contents of an
entire row in one worksheet or multiple worksheets into a single worksheet
that accumulates all the rows. Specifically, I have multiple worksheets
created that have the same format as far as the cells and rows go. The text
in each cell and row is different and some of the cells contain formulas.
There will be a column of cells with no text in each worksheet. When I enter
a number into that empty cell it changes the numbers in a few of the other
cells within that row. I want the rows with values in the cells moved into
another worksheet that will collect all of the rows that these changes are
made in and from multiple worksheets. So I have hundreds of lines of data in
each work sheet and I am checking off item that I need in each but I want to
mve them as they are checked off into another work sheet that accumulates
only the rows that are checked off. This way I don't have to sort throguh
hundreds of lines in multiple worksheets to find the data I need. Please
help if you can.

Don Guillett

Formulas can't MOVE data. They only return values. Use a macro or simply
data>filter>autofilter>filter the column desired

Don Guillett
Microsoft MVP Excel
SalesAid Software
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