Copy a range data from 1 sheet to multiple selected sheets

Aug 3, 2019
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Sub CopyPN()

Dim LastR As Integer
Dim DR As Worksheet
Dim CK As Worksheet
Dim ws As Worksheets
Dim ws0, ws1, ws2, ws3, ws4, ws5 As Worksheets
Dim i As Integer

'1) Copy PN

Set CK = Worksheets("checking")
Set ws0 = Worksheets("Non Die Related")
Set ws1 = Worksheets("I2 (Q3 2019)")
Set ws2 = Worksheets("I2 (Q4 2019)")
Set ws3 = Worksheets("I2 (Q1 2020)")
Set ws4 = Worksheets("I2 (Q2 2020)")

With DR
LastR = .Cells(Rows.Count, 5).End(xlUp).Row
MsgBox "Last Row: " & LastR
.Range("e6:e" & LastR).Copy
End With

For i = 0 To 4
ws(i).Range("e6").PasteSpecial xlPasteValues

Next i
end sub


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