Excel Help to copy information from one row at a time to another sheet

Dec 14, 2022
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I'm trying to copy info - in various columns from one row - then change the row but keep the columns?
See below snip - what formula should I enter into B8 so that it copies the data for person 2, so B3...
I had thought I could so something like =B(=B7) so I could change the value in B7 to quickly give me the data of each row in turn.
Is there a quick way to do this, rather than changing all my formulas (=B3; =C3 =D3, =E3 etc.....is there some way I could just type in 3 to give me the row position that I want)
Obviously this is a simplified version of what I really want but I hope you can understand from this?
Thanks in advance
Jul 30, 2022
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There is an indirect function in Excel. I have actually never used it myself, but, I just tried it to do exactly what you are asking. It seems to do what you were thinking with the =B(=B7) idea that you had.

In the test example you showed, type this in cell B8 and see what happens

The way it seems to work is that within the ( ) you build up the string of the cell reference that you want. You use the similar rules that you normally use to build up a text in a cell: Like if you wrote in any cell
, then in the cell you would then see for you example data

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