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the game will play fine in single player, but when trying to log online the
disc will not authenticate. e-mail tech support and they said to try and
redo the numbers. went thought that and no joy. dumped the computer and
reloaded just the administrator account and re installed the game still not
work. went and did all of the updates and still no joy. have set up port
forwarding and DMZ. but no matter what I can not get the disc to
authenticate for online play. all other online games play fine and some of
them are EA's underground 2 hot pursuit 2. EA's tech support is a total
joke one of there steps is to try the disc on another computer so why put
serial numbers on the games?

Gigabyte 7NNXP
AMD 3200
1gb Geil Dual channel
2X Raptors RAID
Win 2k sp 4


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