Monitor power lights - why did they change from green to amber?



Since the first monitor I owned (an AppleColor RGB monitor for an
Apple IIGS) monitors used a green light to indicate it was on and
operating normally.
When later monitors had the ability to turn themselves off (or enter
"standby mode" or "go to sleep" or whatever it was called and did, it
varied) they kept the green for normal operations and an amber light
for the off state.

However, the more recent flatscreen monitors have changed the green
indicator to a brighter blue one. It puts out at least twice as much
light. I'm just curious as to the reasons behind the color change. I
can see the brighter light being easier to see when there is sunlight
coming in through a window. Is this just a flatscreen thing and why
did they need to change the green light? Was it change for changes
sake or was there a purpose?

Just curious.


:>Blue LEDs are relatively new compared to those red, green, yellow and
:>amber, I have come across the odd monitor that uses white LEDs...
:>.. no reason why the can't use any other colour, just make's em' look
:>more trendy I guess and helps them to sell better.

Yeah, they have to do something to justify the new model numbers. ;-)

In order of age from oldest to newest I have"

2 monitors - Green/Amber
1 monitor - Blue/Amber
2 monitors - White/Amber


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