monitor won't resume



I have Windows XP Pro SP2.

If the system has been in standby for only a few minutes (I don't know
exactly or even approximately, how few minutes), the monitor will resume
(come on) along with the rest of the system. However, after having been in
standby a sufficiently long time, everything resumes except the monitor
screen. Only the little green light on the monitor comes on. Then after a
minute or so, the light becomes amber and then eventually it turns off
altogether. If I hit the power button soon after the light goes off, the
screen lights up. If I wait too long to hit the button, then only the green
light goes on, eventually becomes amber and then eventually turns off.
Again, if I hit the button soon enough the screen lights up. If I hit the
button at any other time, there is no effect.

I have since updated the graphics card driver (The card is an NVIIDIA
GeForce4 MX420.) and have tried setting the hardware acceleration down.
Neither measure solves this problem.

This problem occurred at the same time I started having mouse problems.
Turned out the mouse was no good. Replaced it with a Logitech wireless
optical mouse. Works great but I still have the monitor problem.


Hi there...
Check your Power Options in Control Panel.
Control Panel, Performance and Maintenance, Power Options.
Under the Power Schemes Tab, I have my monitor set to turn off never and
my monitor set to never. My Hard Disks are set for every two hours.
But if you want to use System Standby, set this to where you want.
Apply and OK.
You replaced your mouse, but I would temporarily set your monitor to
never. (and don't hit the button to shut off the monitor. when
shutting down, you will have a gold glow on the monitor. Years of
leaving this as I mentioned has never had any detrimental effect on all
monitors. Just to check if you still have monitor problems.
If you will use the Standby mode, I would still set the monitor to never
and don't worry about pushing the button to turn off the monitor upon
Tip in Standby Mode if you will use it and because of the sensitivity
awakening the monitor with so much as slight move of the mouse or vibration:
Turn your mouse upside down when you are walking away from your system.
Post Back...
If these tips don't help, we can run by other methods or see if there is
a problem with the monitor itself.
Take Care...


I'm afraid I must correct my own statement. When the system resumes but the
monitor screen does not, the green light on the monitor goes on and then
after a minute or so, the light turns off. There is no intermediate amber

To Dee:

I tried setting the monitor option to "never". This had no effect. This
not a problem with the power options. I've run this computer for 4 years
with the same power settings and never had this problem.


Hi Ray...
When you say "had no effect" do you mean that your monitor was still
shutting down on its own?

First, remove your tower case and be sure (carefully) you are free of
all dust and dirt. This should also solve the check of making sure all
cables are firmly connected when you clean the inside and put everything
back together. (Too much dust accumulation equals a build up of heat
and eventual component failure).

Just recently ran by this problem and it was simply a loose cable.

Other suggestions if simply cleaning away dust and checking cables does
not work:
Try lowering your refresh rate. Control Panel, Appearance and Themes,
Display, Settings, Advanced, Monitor. I have mine on 60 Hertz.

Temporarily Disable Hibernation, Set Standby to Never, and Monitor to
shut down Never in your Power Options. Does the monitor act normal after
you change these settings?

Check the properties of the Monitor and if nothing above helps, see what
happens after you configure your settings as above, removing or
uninstalling your monitor from device manager, reboot, let windows
detect the monitor and load the generic drivers. Check the properties
of your monitor and display adapter after you try this.

These are some suggestions with checking the cable and cleaning dust
from inside the tower being the first tips tried.
Post Back. Looking for different solutions shy of saying monitor
failure right now. Because you refer in your first post to the monitor
not resuming only after a lengthier standby, I keep thinking heat.

Take Care...


You don't understand. The problem is that the monitor doesn't come on when
the system comes out of standby. To get the monitor to come on I have to
wait until the little green light on the front of the monitor goes off and
then hit the button on the front of the monitor. The monitor is not shutting
down on its own.

It seems that you are the only responder so far. I find it hard to believe
that no one else has ever had this problem.

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