Monitor Problems



This is a really weird problem.
On Monday night I turned on my computer and the monitor and everything
was fine, everything worked all night.
Well, Tuesday when I turned on the computer, my tower turns on fine but
my monitor did not turn on at all. No red or green or yellow light
would even come on. So, my dad took me to the place hwere we bout this
computer (its used) and we bought it only 4 months ago, and the guy
gave us a 15 dollar monitor to use so tha tomorrow we can bring in my
other monitor and get someone to look at it. Well, we get home plug in
the new monitor ad it turns on fine, shows the windows XP screen where
it say Windows and there is the green bar and the black
background...then before it can even get to the screen where it has all
user names, it just shuts off. It seems like it almost gets to the
screen but it can't becuse it automatically turns off and goes to the
light that is yellow and a black screen.
My dad went to the safemode start up and did all that kind of stuff,
looked at the resolution and all that
I have looked on other sites and some people say it could be the video
or graphic? card?..Do you think this could be the problem? The old
monitor wouldn't turn on at all, no light or anything. This other one
we got today turns on but then shuts off but has a yellow light on like
its in stand by mode or something.
Anyone have any suggestions? Should we buy another video card?
Anyadvice is greatly appreciated!

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