Modem(s) problem


Peter Thornton

I have two identical d-link data/fax/voice modems
installed in my XP machine. Modem 1 is on PCI slot 1 and
modem 2 is on pci slot 2, both use different IRQ's and
system properties shows no conflicts.
I am using Modem 1 to fax from and it is connected to the
switchboard, and works fine to both send and receive.
Modem 2 is connected to its own line and is used for
accessing internet on a direct dial basis.
The problem occurs when the fax software - wether it be
XP's own or Winfax Pro - is open. Modem two appears to be
unavailable and as such I cannot dial out from moodem 2.
When the fax software is shutdown modem 2 re-appears and I
can dial out.

Any suggestions on how to make both modems available at
the same time with the fax software on auto receive mode?





Raghavendra R [MSFT]

Can you please replace one of the modems with a different make and see if
the problem still persists?

Raghavendra R
Microsoft Printing, Imaging and Fax Team
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