Modem Problem error 692


Lago Jardin

I have set up a dial up connection, here in Spain, for two elderly friends
who bought a Toshiba A60 Portable Computer in the UK. Previously their
relatives had installed a broadband connection for use while they were in
the UK but removed it on their departure for Spain.

I have installed dial up connections many time in the past and have it set
as the default connection. Also, I have set the Regional Code of the modem
to "Spain." The modems listed are :
1. Toshiba Software Modem
2. GXmdm4 Bluetooth

However, I keep getting the Windows XP Error message 692 "Hardware failure
in modem or other connecting device." The associated help refers to looking
in Device Manager at the COM ports. All that is listed there is LPT 1
(Printer Port I guess). The modems appear to be on COM 3 (from their
Properties details) but this port is not listed in DM. I have tried the new
dial up connection with either and then both modems "enabled." I still get
the same error message.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Please note that I still use Windows ME so please take anything in XP
slowly with me.




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