Modem port



After reinstalling my system (XP home SP2), I can't get a dial tone on the
modem (the phone connection is OK). The "query modem" in Diagnostics says
it's successful. Under Pho9ne and MOdem Options, the Modem Tab says it's
connected to Com 3 (this is a laptop PCI modem), but in Device Manager Ports
there is only Com 1 I recall having some problem, getting my Palm synch to
function (it's working). I think I used to have the 2nd Com port. Do I
have to go into the BIOS setup to add this port?




Why don't you just change it to Com 1 ?
Under modem properties>ports there should be a list of Com ports.
Try changing it to Com 1.

Otherwise, check your BIOS. The Com port is usually set there also.

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